Advancing IPM in Kentucky through Extension: 2013-2016

  • Seebold, Kenneth (PI)

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The integrated pest management (IPM) program in Kentucky has a long track record of accomplishment in terms of facilitating implementation of alternative, sustainable pest and resource management practices and returning value relative to the grant dollars invested. The program has always been transdisciplinary, applying solutions to pest, disease, and agricultural management challenges that cross the boundaries of two or more disciplines through education, demonstration, and evaluation. To address the dynamic pest management needs in Kentucky, the extension IPM program has established working groups that focus on needs within two of the eIPM-CS emphasis areas; IPM Implementation for Agronomic Crops which emphasizes corn, soybeans and wheat and IPM Implementation for Specialty Crops with a focus on fruit, vegetable and nursery crops. Each of our five multidisciplinary working groups operate within an eIPM-CS emphasis area and also support the plant disease diagnostics labs and overall IPM coordination. The KY IPM program also conducts an annual training workshop and stakeholder meeting to develop and refine IPM priorities for Kentucky.
Effective start/end date9/1/132/28/15


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