Agreement for the Evidence Based Practice Grant to Advance State Level Planning for the Implementation of EBPs in the Public Mental Health System

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Aim # 3 describes the role of the "university-based linking agent" as an individual who has extensive research experience and is uniquely situated within their respective universities to link researchers with practitioners as a means of promoting collaborative research partnerships between universities, public sector mental health agencies, and consumers and family members. The role of the "linking agent" includes the following deliverables: 1. Will attend all scheduled EBP Planning Group meetings or send a designee (to maintain continuity from meeting to meeting) 2. Serve as a "linking agent" to other appropriate university departments or individuals (e.g. psychology, psychiatry, social work, public health, nursing, sociology, anthropology, business) 3. Make contact with appropriate other departments and individual researchers through a variety of mechanisms including e-mail, faculty meetings, newsletters to provide information about the grant aims and to solicit participation in the project 4. Catalog specific faculty and their research expertise with the goal of linking with public sector research interests and share at a regular meeting of the EBP Planning Group 5. Formation of one new university-public mental health research partnership 6. Facilitate the submission of one ROI application to NIMH by the newly formed university-public mental health partnership prior to the end of the grant period
Effective start/end date9/30/059/29/06


  • KY Department for Mental Health Mental Retardation Services: $7,500.00


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