AHEAD Plasma Extension (APEX) - SCON 6064

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The APEX study is a multicenter, observational study designed to capture longitudinal follow-up of plasma biomarkers and cognitive and functional assessments on individuals who screen failed in the AHEAD study over approximately 4 years. Participants will be enrolled across three groups, namely, Group A: participants who are discordant on screening (Plasma+/PET-), Group B: participants who are concordant on screening (Plasma-/PET-), and Group C: participants selected from the individuals who previously screen failed prior to PET for the AHEAD study with oversampling of racial and ethnic populations underrepresented in AD clinical trials. The ACTC coordinating center at the University of Southern California will play a central role in the management of the APEX study. The funds provided will allow Coordinating Center to make clinical site payments to the sites conducting the study visits.
Effective start/end date12/1/2311/30/27


  • University of Southern California: $2.00


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