AIR: Automated Immunization Reminders

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In general pediatric practice, we often come across many children who tend to miss or get delayed for their routine immunizations due to unawareness or the schedule or their parents forgetting when the vaccine appointments are due. Immunization reminders are a way to improve compliance. Studies have shown that traditional vaccine reminders have a low impact. At present approximately 92% of Americans own a cell phone. Our goal is to create an immunization registry/database comprising of patients enrolled in our clinic to pilot test our program of being able to send automated text message and email reminders to patients about their upcoming vaccine appointments based on the CDC immunization guidelines and schedules. Subsequently, we plan to form a colaition with UK, Kentucky AAP, Kentucky Immunization Program, and local community pediatricians as part of our continuing collective effort to improve immunization rates among children. Once pilot tested and fully developed, this program will then be rolled out to all members of this coalition so that more and more children in the community can be enrolled and vaccination coverage improved in a holistic medical home environment, in partnership with all the stakeholders; the parents and the pediatricians. Initially, this program will target parents and guardians of patients from our pediatric clinic, most of which are from underserved and have Medicaid coverage.
Effective start/end date12/1/139/30/15


  • American Academy of Pediatrics: $3,000.00


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