Alcohol Associated Outcomes Among HIV +/- Aging Veterans

  • Conigliaro, Joseph (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Participate in VACS related Alcohol and other scientific analyses As a member of the Alcohol Committee review the content of the VACS alcohol data assure that it is relevant for the HIV and AIDS patient. Provide input on the effect of alcohol that is directly relevant to HIV such as, disease progression, drug toxicity, and adherence. Initiate the intervention aspect of VACS including expanding his current R21 to include the University of Kentucky. Oversee all aspects of the CALM study which includes but not limited to: a. Provide oversight for the feasibility CALM study at the University of Kentucky. b. Conduct the expert analysis of the content relating to hazardous drinking. c. Insure that all of the assessments, value ranges, and educational information are accurate. d. Analyze the feedback sections of the program to assure that they adhere to motivational interviewing standards and that the language is nonjudgmental and that it supports motivational interviewing's premise of client choice and autonomy.
Effective start/end date10/1/068/31/07


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