Alternative Uses for Methyl Bromide in Country Hams

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Scope of Project The objectives of this research are four fold. The first objective is to audit food facilities registered within the National Country Cured Ham Association for use of methyl bromide and garner all of the information pertaining to its use and the economic feasibility of using potential methyl bromide alternatives as fumigants in these plants. The second objective is to perform research trials to examine the effectiveness of utilizing sulfuryl fluoride as a methyl bromide alternative in dry cured pork processing. This step will allow us to determine if this fumigant is as effective as methyl bromide against pests and to evaluate if it is economically feasible to utilize it at effective dosages. The third objective is to determine if there are any safety/and or quality problems associated with the product due to fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride. The fourth objective is to complete the extension portion of the project through revisiting the plants and educating the processors on the information learned in Objectives 2 and 3.
Effective start/end date9/1/068/31/08


  • Mississippi State University: $19,000.00


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