Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium: GWAS identify SNPs associated with pathologically-verified hippocampal sclerosis

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The objective of this announcement is to solicit cooperative agreement applications from members of the ADGC to conduct unique or novel statistical analyses using data from several AD GWAS datasets that have been assembled by the ADGC as the first phase of its long term goal to identify genes for AD and related phenotypes. It is anticipated that analyses of these existing data will consider issues crucial to delineating robust results including admixture, stratification, phenotypic heterogeneity, age and gender effects, and genetic heterogeneity. Multiple analytical approaches will be applied, taking into account individual dataset structures (e.g., case-control, family-based, prospective cohort) and allow for combining data across unique study designs (Le., meta analysis). The ADGC Core Analysis groups will coordinate work with each SAG group and provide standardized data analyses results (e.g. quality control measures, population stratification methods, etc) to SAGs. An application will be considered responsive to this announcement if it proposes novel methods of analysis, addresses research questions that are not part of the general analysis plan, or takes advantage of the ADGC data resource in a unique manner that will likely advance our understanding of the genetic basis of AD. Proposals may also focus on the application of novel statistical, computational or bioinformatic strategies. Applications should not overlap with core analyses that are being performed by the two core ADGC Analysis groups. Analyses planned by the core groups or by existing SAGs will be posted on the ADGC Web site. In addition, proposals must conform to the conditions in the document entitled "Analysis Proposals" which are the criteria established for all funded and non-funded analysis proposals. This document also lists the core analyses being performed by Dr. Farrer and Dr. Pericak-Vance's groups.
Effective start/end date9/1/113/31/12


  • Boston University: $20,001.00


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