An Evening with David Platzker

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Since 1972, Louis Zoellar Bickett II has maintained a rigorous practice of collecting and cataloging items from his daily life to form a vast archive of found, gifted, purchased, and made objects. Photographs, receipts, articles of clothing, books, soil from distinct locations, furniture, and bodily fluids, to name a few, are preserved and placed throughout the artist’s home/studio. They tell the story of one man’s awareness of time, place, and connectivity to others. Bickett lives and works in Lexington, where he has been a fixture in the art and culture scene for decades. Saving Myself explores various aspects of what he calls THE ARCHIVE, and will feature a dense installation of storage boxes, photographs, and annotated objects from the artist’s extensive travels and friendships. Objects related to canonical literature, Civil War battlefields, religion, gay identity, masculinity, and death are highlighted in the exhibition, which will occupy the entire ground floor galleries of the Museum. This exhibition has been developed in partnership other Lexington art venues including Institute 193, Lexington Art League, UK Hospital, and 21c Museum Hotel. Each venue will present a Bickett-related exhibition and various educational events will take place throughout the fall. The UK Art Museum is seeking funds to bring a guest speaker, David Platzker, Curator of Drawings and Prints at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, to Lexington to speak on the history of artists whose works utilize documentary practices and collection strategies. He will help to relate Bickett’s work to creative forebears and peers including Joseph Cornell, Hanne Darboven, On Kawara, Christian Boltanski, and Dieter Roth. From 2004 to 2013, Platzker was the director of Specific Object, an innovative gallery, bookshop, and storehouse for a range of items from artists’ publications, multiples and unique works of art, as well as literature, music, and counterculture. Before founding Specific Object, Platzker was the executive director of Printed Matter from 1998 to 2004, the non-profit institution dedicated to the promotion of artists’ books and publications. Funding from the Kentucky Humanities Council will support his honoraria and travel expenses.
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  • Kentucky Humanities Council Incorporated: $1,380.00


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