An Experimental and Computational Investigation of Oscillating Airfoil Unsteady Aerodynamics at Large Mean Incidence

  • Capece, Vincent (PI)

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The objectives of the proposed effort are listed below: 1). Obtain data that are appropriate for advancing the state of turbomachine flutter and dynamic . response predictions. Two-dimensional data will be obtained &om linear cascade testing and three-dimensional data will be obtained &om annular cascade testing. 2) Quantify the effects of transition on airfoil steady and unsteady aerodynamics for attached and separated flow. 3) Evaluate the capability of current state-of-the-art unsteady aerodynamic models to predict the oscillating airfoil response of compressor airfoils over a range of realistic reduced &equencies. Mach numbers, and loading levels through correlation with the benchmark data obtained in this study. This comprehensive evaluation will assess the assumptions used in these unsteady 4 c:) (---- 'I .,j aerodynamic models. The results of this evaluation can be used to direct improvement of current models and the development of future models. This steady data and transition modeling effort will also make strides in improving predictions of steady flo"", performance of fan and compressor blades at off-design conditions.
Effective start/end date6/1/0112/31/06


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