An Integrated Pest Management Program for Kentucky

  • Johnson, Douglas (PI)
  • Lucas, Patricia (CoI)

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Our goal is to promote high quality plant protection by bringing the highest grade Integrated Pest Management techniques, recommendations, and technologies to our clients in unified, coordinated efforts. In order to accomplish this we have developed a program comprised of six coordinated working groups (Corn/soybean, Wheat, Nursery, Vegetable, Master Gardener, Plant Disease Diagnostics and Coordination), grouped into four areas of emphasis. Our coordination effort is meant to support the working groups and maintain links with national, regional and other appropriate programming efforts. The working groups contain subject matter experts with expertise in: Entomology, Plant Pathology, Weed Science, Plant Physiology, Plant Breeding, Soil Science, Fertility, Crop Production (field, nursery, and vegetable), Stored grain, Ag-weather, and Ag-machinery, from six academic departments in the UK College of Agriculture. Cooperative Extension Service county agents for Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Horticulture, crop producers and agribusiness professionals also bring expertise, ideas and needs to the groups. Our program is directly allied to related programs by shared interests, and experts (Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey, IR-4, ipm/PIPE, KY State Entomologist, Pesticide Safety Education, and Southern Plant Diagnostic Network). Our belief and experience is that as we accomplish this it will result in improved economic benefits to producers, while promoting environmental stewardship and safe pesticide use practices. We have a track record of such accomplishments and expect that to continue.
Effective start/end date8/1/097/31/11


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