An Internet Map Application for Kentucky Coal Resource Information

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This project proposes a new Internet mapping service that places Kentucky coal resource information in a geographical visualization environment. Ten of the state’s most productive coal beds will be included in the Web site that will show original and remaining coal resources. The maps will illustrate the extent of the original coal resources as a function of total coal thickness, and the locations of remaining resources after historical mining is taken into account. Coal resource assessment data, such as borehole records, field-based coal thickness measurements, and coal quality data will be referenced to the map for user access and download. Map visualizations of coal resource information are the most effective means to communicate the magnitude of Kentucky’s coal resources, and to focus practitioners and policy makers on areas of interest related to future coal mining. The map service will be simply designed to make it accessible to a broad spectrum of users while supporting the needs of the most technical audience. While designed as an interactive Web page, the individual resource maps will also be prepared so that more advanced users can access the information in other computer applications, such as desktop GIS software without needing to download and maintain the computer files. Frequently asked questions and information requests about coal resources can be added to the mapping site for background information and explanations.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/13


  • KY Energy and Environment Cabinet: $39,300.00


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