An Ontology-driven Faceted Query Engine for the Kentucky Cancer Registry

  • Zhang, Guo Qiang (PI)
  • Durbin, Eric B. (CoI)
  • Tao, Shiqiang (CoI)
  • Cui, Licong (CoPI)

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To help oncology researchers to better access data in the Kentucky Cancer Registry, we propose to develop an ontology-driven faceted query engine called OncoSphere for exploring large-scale integrated cancer data repositories. OncoSphere will use a NoSQL database and dynamically render its user interface for concept-based querying tasks. OncoSphere will provide an interactive querybuilding interface together with query translation and optimization strategies, which will enable users to build and execute queries effectively and efficiently.
Effective start/end date6/6/182/3/19


  • National Cancer Institute: $187,621.00


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