Analysis and Comparison of Automated Distress Equipment

  • Allen, David (PI)

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OBJECTIVES: The objectives of tbis project are to: 1) identify pavement distress data collection needs in Kentucky; 2) compare the efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of automated distress collection equipment provided by various vendors; and 3) develop and implementation plan for using automated distress collection equipment to supplement Kentucky's pavement management system. BACKGROUND: Pavement distress data is one of the most important components in an effective pavement management system. However, manual identification of pavement distress is very costly, time consuming, and potentially poses a safety risk to the pavement evaluation team. In addition, misc1assification of distress types and measuring differences between surveyors may also be present. In recent years, considerable work has been conducted in the use of automated distress collection equipment to collect system-wide condition information (which is not always achievable using manual survey techniques). Accurate pavement condition information will be a great benefit to pavement management, design, and preservation in Kentucky. Automated distress data collection will allow for an objective measure of the conditions of Kentucky's pavements which can then be utilized in the calibration and implementation of pavement performance models. FY 2007 PROPOSED WORK: It is anticipated that the data collection needs will be identified and substantial progress made on comparing automated distress collection equipment during the 2007 fiscal year. PROGRAMMED COST FY 2007: TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $ 50,000 $200,000
Effective start/end date7/1/066/30/07


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