Analysis of Arsenic Exposure and Anemia During Pregnancy Background

  • Hopenhayn, Claudia (PI)
  • Boissonneault, Gilbert (CoI)

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The purpose ofthls request is to further analyze stored samples from this study which can provide additional information to assist in explaining the results, and integrate them into the statistical analysis of anemia in the same study group. In particular. the maternal blood samples that were analyzed for transferrin receptor and other related measures have been stored and are available for more analyses. Similarly, urine samples were collected for all the participants in the original cohort study, but only a .fraction were analyzed for exposure assessment, and the rest were stored for subsequcnt analysis as deemed appropriatc and as funding became available. This statement of work is for an analysis of the blood and urine samples for the women who are in the sub-group of the anemia study. These samples wilI be analyzed in Dr. Jose Centeno's laboratory, through the American Registry of Pathology (Armed 'Forces Institute of Pathology), using the same methodology Dr. Centeno' s laboratory emplooyed previously to measure arsenic and other metals in urine samples as well as cord blood and placental samples irom another subgroup of the same cohort study. This statement of work is to conduct urinary arsenic speciation anaIyses and blood arsenic speciation determinations for the women in the anemia study for which analyses have not been conducted. It is expected that 180 blood samples and 15O urine samples will need to be analyzed. This will provide additional data on both exposure assessment and speciation capacity. This infomation will be valuable in adding to the analysis of the existing database on the anemia sub-cohort study group. It has the potential of contributing more detailed data on both exposure and susceptibility basedon methylation capacity as measured by distribution or arsenic metabolites in' both urine and blood.
Effective start/end date8/19/0212/30/04


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