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The UKY Project Team proposes to partner with Blue Sky Sensor Technology (BSST) in a two-phased (Alpha and Beta) field validation test of their CowTraxTM cattle tracking and identification solution (using TrackBlueTM LLC Beacon Bluetooth Smart RFID technology). The objective of the test is to demonstrate that this new technology can continuously, accurately and reliably collect triple-axis activity data for cattle, thereby enabling the seamless discriminatory analysis of this data by the UK patented algorithm to determine health status of individual animals. The initial Alpha testing is described below and will be followed by a Beta field test of three groups of roughly 100 cattle followed for a minimum of 30 days. The preliminary and field tested validations are designed to lead to a production model to serve the commercial market by late 1Q15 or mid 2Q15 (see commercialization plan). BSST is relying on its past work with TrackBlue in early field trials and intends to use their hard-ware and firm-ware modified to integrate with the UK algorithm during these validation and field trials.
Effective start/end date4/22/1511/21/16


  • National Institute for Hometown Security: $175,000.00


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