Annie's Project: Risk Management for Farm Women

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Annie's Project is a risk management education program targeted to farmwomen with a passion for business and involvement. These women may be involved in the farming operation in many different capacities from being the wife of a farmer to the primary operator of the farm. The project will be piloted during winter 2007 in three areas across the state, including: (1) Webster, Union, Daviess, and Henderson Counties; (2) Shelby, Henry, Spencer, Anderson, Franklin, Trimble, Oldham, and Jefferson Counties; (3) Marshall, Graves, and Calloway Counties. The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service with support of Kentucky State University is responsible for coordinating and implementing Annie's Project in Kentucky.
Effective start/end date1/1/072/28/08


  • KY Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy: $6,500.00


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