Annotation of Functional Regulatory Regions in the Horse

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Dr. Kalbfleisch, University of Kentucky, will service as co-PD extending through the duration of the project. For all high]throughput sequence generated, Dr. Kalbfleisch will maintain data storage, lead primary data analyses, manage data, and coordinate publication of data to public repositories. Efforts will include all data generated in previous equine FAANG work, as well as all datasets as part of this project. Further, Dr. Kalbfleisch will coordinate all data sharing between investigators on this project, and ensure that all annotation used in the project is appropriate, current, and correct. Dr. Kalbfleisch will lead communications with the FAANG EMBLEBI Data Coordination Center to ensure efficient and accessible distribution of all data. Dr. Kalbfleisch has significant experience in conducting large-scale gomicsh studies and has access to the appropriate facilities to successfully complete the goals of the project.
Effective start/end date4/1/192/28/22


  • University of Nebraska: $37,516.00


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