Antimicrobials Against the Plague Yersinia Bactin System

  • Perry, Robert (PI)
  • Fetherston, Jacqueline (CoI)

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1. Specific Aim 1 - evaluate Psn, the outer membrane (OM) receptor for yersiniabactin (Ybt), as a subunit vaccine candidate. We have initiated construction of an inducible, marked psn gene for isolation and purification of the protein. We have installed, initiated modifications on, and started training on an aerosol infection chamber for mice. 2. Specific Aim 2 -identify and evaluate alternative antimicrobials that interact with the Psn OM receptor. We have established growth conditions that will be used in high-throughput screening at SRI. 3. Specific Aim 3 - identify and evaluate alternative antimicrobials that interfere with the synthesis of the Ybt siderophore. We have constructed a GFP reporter controlled by the ybtP promoter. This construct will be used in high-through-put screening of compounds to identify those which inhibit synthesis of the Ybt siderophore.
Effective start/end date9/4/032/28/05


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