Appalachia Community Cancer Network Outreach Assessment Administrative Supplement

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This project will focus on modifying existing community outreach materials for an eHealth program, Walk by Faith (WbF), in order to better fit the Appalachian community and increase ease of implementation by volunteers within the community. It will also assess the effectiveness of dissemination of these materials when delivered by volunteer community members through quantitative and qualitative measures. This toolkit will be delivered to six Ohio and Pennsylvania churches that now serve as the comparison group in the parent project. Focus groups will be conducted to gather participant, volunteer, and church leader feedback about the components of the WbF program. That feedback will be used to improve the draft toolkit, which will then be taken to an Ohio control church for similarly organized focus groups to better understand the group's expectations of the WbF program. The toolkit will be revised between November and February 2015 with plans to disseminate to six churches in March 2015. Eligible, consented individuals from the six churches will be invited to participate in an assessment of the dissemination of the WbF toolkit over the course of six months. Participants will complete a short dietary and physical activity screener and be weighed in order to calculate baseline BMI. Participants will receive a pedometer, nutrition guide handbooks, and access to the Faithfully Living Well (FLW) website. Although only eligible, consented participants will be measured and provided these materials, all church members will be welcome to attend WbF events. Volunteer church navigators will deliver the program and will be encouraged to hold regular physical activity and healthy eating events throughout the dissemination phase. After six months of dissemination of the WbF materials, participants will be weighed and will complete another diet and physical activity screener. Participants will also be asked to complete a short process evaluation survey to gather their impressions of the program. If dissemination of this toolkit is feasible by community members, this diet and physical activity program can be shared with other populations throughout the United States.
Effective start/end date9/1/102/28/18


  • National Cancer Institute


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