Appalachian Cancer Network

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The Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky, in collaboration with its key consortium affiliates (Pennsylvania State University and West Virginia University), regional partners and community-based cancer control coalitions, has established the Appalachia Cancer Network (ACN). The ACN addresses critical cancer control issues that impact the rural, medically underserved population of Appalachia in the states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York. The ACN is expanding cancer control awareness within the rural, medically underserved, and minority populations of Appalachia, and through research and cancer control activities will address the key barriers to utilization of cancer control services and optimal cancer care within the Appalachian region. The long-term goals of the ACN program are to reduce cancer incidence and mortality and prevent future increases; reduce barriers to accessing cancer control services and programs (national. state and local) and increase utilization of such services; increase cancer survival; and stimulate greater coordination and participation among regional, state, and community cancer control networks throughout Appalachia. The ACN has made tremendous progress in moving forward on the ongoing Phase 1 activities (enhancing the capacity of academic, clinical and community partners through awareness and education) and in implementing Phase 2 activities (refocusing and training academic, clinical and community partners toward a collective research agenda). The ACN's organizational infrastructure continues to successfully balance the need to develop a comprehensive and integrated region-wide program without losing the vitality, effectiveness and solidarity of local social structures and relationships within the three sub-regions. ACN continues to invest resources and to commit itself to serve as a bridge between NCI and the consortia of Appalachian community-based cancer control research partners. The current momentum that was created during Year 3 will serve the program well in its transition to Phase 3 activities (fostering research collaboration by academic, clinicaland community partners).
Effective start/end date4/30/003/31/06


  • National Cancer Institute: $1,940,228.00


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