Appalachian Community Technical Assistance and Training (ACTAT) Program 2024-25

Grants and Contracts Details


University of Kentucky (Department of Civil Engineering) Scope of Work for FY25 ACTAT Subcontract With West Virginia University The University of Kentucky ACTAT Team housed in the UK Department of Civil Engineering will perform the following services: Task 1: Phase 1 Utility Operations Module Development. Task 2: Phase 1 Regional Module Trainings (min 1). Task 3: Phase 2 Utility-Specific Training (min 2). Task 4: Phase 3 One-on-One Community/Utility Focused Assistance (min 2). Task 5: Implement Benchmark Questionnaire During Trainings and Utility Specific Technical Assistance. Task 6: Continue to Promote Workforce Development Needs. Task7: Identify schools (min 2) and associated teacher contacts to implement Water Workforce Curriculum for High School Students. Task 8: Continued Partnership Development, Funding Opportunities to Sustain Community Growth. Task 9: Leverage ACTAT Lessons Learned and tools to a Larger National Audience.
Effective start/end date2/1/241/31/25


  • West Virginia University: $167,576.00


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