Appalachian Community Technical Assistance & Training (ACTAT) Program - Phase 2

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Task 1: Completion of Phase 2 Activities with Initial Group of Communities UK personnel will continue to work with communities identified in previous years effort that have demonstrated capacity to move successfully into the assessment, planning, and implementation phases of improving their systems. Deliverables will include leading up to 4 communities into the implementation phase of their planning activity; other communities will receive expert assistance in planning activities. Task 2: Initiating Phase 1 and Phase 2 Programs with New Community Groups The KWRRI will recruit a new set of a minimum of 16 communities (combined total – target of 8 systems per training) for training under the Phase 1 activities and proceed to completion of Phase 2 activities with a minimum of 2 new communities. Deliverables will include initial training for up to 16 communities with at least 2 communities completing Phase 2 action planning and initiating implementation programs; additional communities will receive expert assistance in developing plans. Task 3: Outreach Information will be distributed nationally via the NESC website, subject matter experts will share their results in technical forums, and KWRRI faculty and staff will work with their colleagues in national venues to explain the program. Deliverables will include monthly (or more frequently as warranted) information announcements to be provided to WVU for posting on the NESC web site. Task 4: Advisory Committee KWRRI faculty and staff will serve on the project advisory committee. The Advisory Committee was formed during Year One to provide recommendations and assistance to the ACTAT team in formulating strategies for implementing the land-grant model and evaluating the effectiveness of the program. The advisory committee will meet once each quarter to select communities to receive additional support (Phase II) from the project teams in each state as well as evaluation of training and technical assistance effectiveness and identify corrective actions if necessary. Deliverables will include a report of activities undertaken under the Advisory Committee Task and a final report evaluating the effectiveness of the model in assisting small communities. Task 5: Program Management and Administration UK personnel will provide outreach to Kentucky specific stakeholders to solicit participation by systems in need of training and technical assistance. UK personnel will monitor project and Kentucky participant progress throughout project period to ensure milestones are being met and participants are making progress. UK personnel will provide quarterly reports to West Virginia University (WVU) for inclusion in quarterly reports to funding agency.
Effective start/end date1/1/1612/31/19


  • West Virginia University: $150,000.00


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