Application of Electromagnetic Geophysics (EMG) Technology to Subsurface Investigations

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The Wisconsin Highway Research Program (WHRP) wishes to investigate current methods for using electromagnetic geophysics (EMG) to assess the capabilities, limitations, and costs associated with these methods. Specifically, WHRP wishes to assess the applicability of EMG towards characterizing sites that consist of soil conditions commonly found in Wisconsin, which may include frozen ground, organic soils, overconsolidated clays, and glacial soils. With a comprehensive understanding of EMG, WHRP will be able to judiciously apply EMG to perform non-intrusive site characterization in Wisconsin, identify potential benefits and advantages over traditional field investigation methods, and identify areas of further study. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The goals described in the Problem Statement will be achieved through a 12- month research program with the following objectives: . Define the nature of subsurface investigations currently performed by Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) personnel, the types of soil conditions commonly encountered, the methods and approaches commonly used, and any deficiencies in the ability of WisDOT to adequately characterize sites; . Fully describe the current state of practice of EMG, including the capabilities and limitations of each method; . Compile a list of geophysical contractors with capabilities to perform EMG in Wisconsin, including Statements of Qualification (SOQs), relevant experience, and fee schedules; . Compile a list of manufacturers of EMG instrumentation and data reduction software and describe the capabilities, limitations, costs, and training requirements associated with each instrument or data reduction program; . Identify areas requiring further investigation or field testing to more comprehensively assess the applicability of EMG in Wisconsin as well as the abilities of geophysical contractors to provide EMG services in Wisconsin; and . Prepare a report detailing the results of the study, including a guidance document for applying EMG towards site characterization in Wisconsin and recommendations for further study.
Effective start/end date1/7/046/30/05


  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation: $29,824.00


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