Application of Hyperspectral Imaging System for Detection of Adulterants in Foods

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The primary reason for this fellowship application is to allow me travel to another Lab within US with a well-established research program in a novel food assessment technique called hyperspectral imaging (HSI). My plan is to spend quality time learning the rudiments and application of HSI to food quality assessment and safety assurance. Specifically to learn the operation of hyperspectral imaging system (spectrometer and camera), the calibration process, the preprocessing and waveband selection, and also learn various statistical analysis methods used for waveband selection, so as to separate redundant data from the useful ones. I also plan on generating preliminary data for a project idea I have started collaboration with my proposed host at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. The projected impact of this training is that it would allow me acquire new skills, which would help me build a strong research program in hyperspectral imaging application in food processing so that I would then be able to train other students and scientists who would work under my mentorship, and aid in stirring a strong multi-institutional collaboration in the future.
Effective start/end date5/20/152/25/16


  • Burroughs Wellcome Fund: $6,760.00


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