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The Interim Editor shall have overall responsibility for the quality, content, and editorial management of the Journal, and shall ensure efficient operations of the Journal. The Interim Editor shall: i. Use established workflows of the standard peer-review system provided by the Publisher; ii. Use publications software designated by the Association and the Publisher; iii. Solicit contributions to the Journal iv. Ensure that all articles submitted to the Journal are appropriately peer-reviewed in a timely manner; v. Accept or reject contributions; vi. Submit to the Publisher in electronic format a sufficient number of peer-reviewed and accepted articles, prepared in accordance with the Journal’s Instructions to Contributors according to the agreed Production Schedule, so as to ensure the regular publication of the Journal; vii. Ensure that all Journal contributions submitted to the Publisher are complete, including that all illustrations provided are of a minimum print quality; viii. Be responsible for reading page proofs, checking authors’ corrections and returning corrected proofs to the Publisher in a timely manner; ix. Be responsible for determining the order of contents for each issue of the Journal; x. Carry out all responsibilities in compliance with the Association’s Conflicts of Interest Requirements, the APSA Guide to Professional Ethics in Political Science, and the Committee on Publication Ethics; xi. Perform their responsibilities in a timely and professional manner, with reasonable care and skill and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and prevailing standards of accepted business practice and ethics; xii. Adhere to industry best practices and comply with the reasonable requests of the Association regarding the method of work; and xiii. Perform such additional responsibilities as the Editorial Team and the Association may agree upon.
Effective start/end date7/22/1912/31/20


  • American Political Science Association


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