Araby Smyth Dissertation: Gender and Remittances: Lived experiences of Women in Oaxaca, Mexico

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My dissertation research examines the experiences of women in a small town in southern Oaxaca, Mexico as they negotiate how remittances should be used after a natural disaster. My findings will contribute to our understanding of how remittance management is constituted and how these processes shape gender roles. This project fits within my long-term goal of furthering feminist economic geographic scholarship that bridges the gap between work (production) and life (social reproduction) in the context of contemporary human migration. With this project, my objective is to study how the movement of people and remittances are influenced by and shape the lives of women in a migrant sending location. Thus, this project asks how does a town manage remittances? And how do negotiations over remittances shape the lived experience of women? Answering these questions will expand our understanding of how gendered divisions of labor in households and communities shift with migration, reworking power relations, and pushing new political practices to emerge.
Effective start/end date9/1/188/31/20


  • Society of Woman Geographers: $11,400.00


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