Arboretum Educational Brochures and Interpretative Signage

  • Farris, Marcia (PI)

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The Arboretum site occupies 100 acres on the UK campus: 3.5 acres of intensive horticulture gardens, 2 acres of rose gardens, 16 acres of native Bluegrass woodlands and 75 acres of natural area designated to illustrate Kentucky's environments, called the Walk Across Kentucky. The Arboretum combines limited resources from private (Friends of the Arboretum, grants) and public sectors (local government and UK). Volunteers numbering over 200, sponsor events, teach classes, maintain plots, lead tours, restore the disturbed urban forest and raise private funds for educational programmmg. In the last two years expansion of plantings along the Walk Across Kentucky has taken place thanks to an Urban and Community Forest Grant which allowed us to hire a Curator of Native Plants. This will become a University funded position July 1, 2004. During 2003 approximately 100,000 people including students, representatives of the nursery industry, contractors, local residents and visitors from across Kentucky, 41 states and 14 other countries visited the Arboretum.
Effective start/end date8/1/0412/31/05


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