Archaeological Overview and Assessment of the New River Gorge National River

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This study will describe the results of a targeted phase one archeological survey of 1500 acres in u.pland and lowland areas of the New River Gorge National River (NERI). Infonn.ation about the location, Identity, age, and function of prehistoric archeological resources found during the investigation will be analyzed and discussed in relation to different envirorlmental variables, and assist in the development of historic contexts and consideration of a model for predicting. archeological site locations. The findings ftom the study will be . docume:l1tedin the "NERI Archeological Overview and Assessment" report. Baseline maps and recomm.endations in the report will be used to support planning decisions that are made in the FY2005 NERI Ge~eral Management Plan (GMP).
Effective start/end date7/16/031/31/04


  • National Park Service: $25,000.00


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