Archelogical Investigation of 4-Acre Horse camp, Carter Cave Resort Park

  • Pollack, David (PI)

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The University of Kentucky Research Foundation for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey proposes to conduct an archaeological investigation of a horse camp to be constructed at Carter Cave State Resort Park. To date a large amount of prehistoric materials have been recovered from exposed areas within the project area, but little is knon about the spatial extent and rclntionship orthese materials. The Carter Cave area is known for its high quality chert, the raw material used to make prehistonc stone tools. Based on an examination of the photographs you sent. it appears that Native Americans used the project area to reduce cobbles of chert into preforms that could be used to make chipped stone tools on site or to transport them to sites located throughout eastern Kentucky. Investigation of this site, thus has the potential to contribute lu our understanding ofNative American procuremenlt strategies and chipped stone tool manufacturing in the Carter cave Region. region,
Effective start/end date5/24/105/31/11


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