Architectural Designs and Construction For the Winburn Community Lexington, KY

  • Roccanova, Anthony (PI)

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The College of Design, 3rd Year Architecture Studio led by Tony Roccanova will be studying the Winburn neighborhood of Lexington for the duration of this semester. In accordance with NAAB accreditation standards, the students will be asked to use site analysis, data mapping, and other design technologies to propose a building project, complete with plans, sections, elevations and technical drawings. In conjunction with this curriculum, the studio will be working with the Winburn Community Action Council on two projects. aimed at assistancing the community outreach mission of the non-profit organization and furthering our students design education. The first project will be the completion of a large site model and various other mapping systems, to be used by our students and the CAC as a way to analyze and present the findings of our research. The second project will be a design/build construction on the premises of the CAC on Winburn Drive. They currently have a Community Garden which they use as a catalyst to engage the community and inform them of their many public resources. Our studio plans to build on what they’ve started by using traditional and digital construction methodologies to build in that space. This may include seating, signage, hardscape, and landscape components, but will be driven by the research conducted in the first half of the semester.
Effective start/end date9/1/1912/31/19


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