ARRA: Calpain as a Therapuetic Target for TBI (PO1)

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This is a supplement application for Summer Research Experiences for Students and Science Educators submitted in response to the recent announcement NINDS FY2009 Program for Administrative Supplements Using Recovery Act Funds and NIH Notice NOT-OD-09-060. This supplement will support our current Program Project Grant entitled "Calpain as a Therapeutic Target for TB!' (5P01 N8058484-03). Funds are requested to hire five undergraduate students, two to work on Project 1, one for Project 2 and two for Project 3 for the summers of 2009 and 2010. The proposed research activity will accelerate research in each of the projects, provide summer employment to talented undergraduate students, and is within the IRG-approved scope of the parent projects. For the first year of funding, the 5 students who want to work in our laboratories have already been identified. The Project Director for each project will serve as the primary mentor for each student working on that project. Each of the summer students working on the related projects under the PPG will be able to interact extensively with one another since the laboratories of the three Project Directors are adjacent to one another. Each student will participate in their mentor's weekly laboratory meetings during which they will have an opportunity to present their data and get feedback from the mentor, graduate students, postdocs, and other research colleagues. All five students will attend a biweekly joint laboratory meeting during which they will present their work to each other and get input from the other students and Project Directors. The students will also be expected to attend relevant neuroscience seminars and journal clubs scheduled during the summer months. They will also have an opportunity to attend the 2 day 15th Annual Kentucky Spinal Cord & Head Injury Research Symposium which will be held in Louisville, KY on June 11-12, 2009. We anticipate that each of these activities will provide a rich scientific experience that will hopefully inspire their continuation in either basic or clinical neuroscience research careers.
Effective start/end date5/1/079/1/11


  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke: $73,894.00


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