ARRA: Center for Biomedical Research Excellence in Molecular Basis of Human Disease - Supplemental - Viral Vector CORE

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The organic synthesis core administered through our COBRE on the Molecular Basis of Human Disease has had a significant positive impact on research at the University of Kentucky and in particular has facilitated research in a number of translational research projects. Over the past two years since this core was introduced it has generated a number of research reagents that would not have been obtainable otherwise. In this short period of time the compounds produced by this core have led to grant proposals dealing with translational research aimed at attacking the Prader-Willi syndrome, estrogen treatment for osteoporosis, and a new method for treating Alzheimer's disease. The success of the organic synthesis core has at the same time created a problem in its inability to meet all the needs of the researchers using this core. This supplemental proposal is for expanding the personnel within the organic synthesis core so that it can better provide reagents for researchers associated with the COBRE on the Molecular Basis of Human Disease as well as other faculty at the University of Kentucky. The College of Medicine has already made a major impact within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It provides salary and benefits for more than 2,300 individuals through research dollars generated by the College of Medicine faculty. More than $56 million is paid to faculty, staff and learners in their quest for new knowledge, and this COBRE on the Molecular Basis of Human Disease has made a significant contribution to this effort. Expansion of the research capability of our organic synthesis core is important for the University of Kentucky and the Commonwealth of Kentucky to maintain and grow its research portfolio as well as preserve and create jobs.
Effective start/end date9/14/099/13/12


  • National Center for Research Resources: $445,313.00


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