ARRA: Cultural Resource Evaluation of a Prehistoric Archaeological Site: Floodplain Easement in Ballard County Kentucky - Southern Appalachian Cooperative Ecostystem Studies Unit

  • Pollack, David (PI)

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Kentucky NRCS is acquiring easements on flood prone agricultural land under EWPP- FPE. Prior to acquisition the easement maps are checked to insure there are no recorded cultural resources present but archaeological field surveys of the easements have not been completed. While ground disturbing activities on the easements will be minimal and all areas of ground disturbance will be field checked by NRCS prior to implementation, the majority of the easement area will be allowed to regenerate naturally. In the case of easements in Ballard County, Kentucky, the Grassy Lake Easement, a previously unknown archaeological site was reported to exist by NRCS personnel. The easement is located near Wickliffe Mounds and Twin Mounds on the Ohio/Mississippi River floodplain. A site visit was made on June 10, 2009 and material collected from the reported site location. The artifacts suggest a Middle or Late Woodland Period occupation. A site form was completed and the USA issued l5Bal44 as the official Kentucky site designation, however, the National Register eligibility of Site 1 5Ba144 needs to be determined.
Effective start/end date6/14/109/30/11


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