ARRA: Functional neuroanatomy of developmental changes in face processing

  • Joseph, Jane (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


a) Scope of the overall project and the anticipated contribution of the requested supplement: Funds are being requested to support an undergraduate for four summer months in 2009 and four summer months in 2010. The activities that will be covered in this supplemental request include activities that were in the parent grant. Specifically, this student will assist with all aspects of subject recruitment and data collection, archiving, organization and analysis. The student will help to develop a website to assist with subject recruitment. The student will also help to schedule subjects and wilt be present at some of the MRI scanning sessions because our MRI center requires at least two personnel be present at all times during scanning. The student will assist in filing information on human subjects, entering de- identified human subjects information into spreadsheets and in archiving all data that we collect. The student wit! also help in organizing data into various formats needed for data analysis. Other activities include helping to run first- level fMRI analyses and assist with inspection of first-level analysis outputs (head motion correction, geometric distortion correction, registration, etc). The student will assist with other aspects of data analysis, such as helping to run regions-of-interest analysis and confirming neuroanatomical locations of activations using various atlases. Finally, the student will conduct relevant literature searches and help to maintain our laboratory's bibliographic database. b) How the supplement will accelerate the tempo of scientific research and/or allow for job creation and retention. This supplement is expected to stimulate the economy by hiring additional staff and recruiting for additional needed skills (e.g., web site development)
Effective start/end date5/1/109/30/10


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