ARRA: Genomics of Olfactory Regeneration

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This is an administrative supplement application for funds to hire a summer undergraduate student. The student will test whether conditional knockout of the transcription factor Mycn in the olfactory epithelium leads to defects in the development of the cell types in the olfactory epithelium. Mycn, which is expressed by a subpopulation of basal cells in the olfactory epithelium, is linked to proliferation of neural progenitors in other tissues including some regions of the brain. The student will do in situ hybridization to quantify each of the cell types in the epithelium and immunohistochemistry to quantify proliferation and apoptosis. These experiments :wiil determine whether the absence of Mycn leads to defects in proliferation, survival, or anatomy of cells in the olfactory epithelium.
Effective start/end date6/1/0910/31/10


  • National Institute on Deafness & Other Communications: $9,753.00


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