ARRA: Model Pilot Project for the SACME/AAMC/John M. Eisenberg Center for Decisions and Communications

  • Norton, James (PI)

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    The gap between research findings and actual medical practice remains a concern for all citizens: -Patients, searching for information on safe and effective tests, medicines, and treatments; -Clinicians, seeking evidence to assist in shared decision making with patients; and -Policy makers addressing issues relevant to quality and delivery of care. The goal of this project is to help improve the health of the nation by increasing the availability of evidence to assist consumers, clinicians, and policy makers in decision making. The Eisenberg Center serves as AHRQ’s national center to translate and disseminate evidence reviews and other scientific research findings developed through the Effective Health Care Program. Funding will be used to expand the number of translation products available and to conduct feasibility projects designed to provide additional avenues for dissemination. The expansion in product availability will be accomplished by increasing the number of research reviews and reports that are translated and disseminated to the target audiences. To expand outreach, the Eisenberg Center will also conduct several feasibility projects: (1) ARRA 11a: Testing the feasibility of using cell phone technologies to augment AHRQ’s outreach to consumers; (2) ARRA 11b: Examining the feasibility of using a partnership with a Health Information Exchange network including federally qualified health centers to reach clinicians and consumers with appropriate products; (3) ARRA 11c: Exploring the feasibility of disseminating translation products through a network of faculty and academic continuing medical education providers who might incorporate AHRQ evidence into educational activities; and (4) ARRA 11d: Focusing on disseminating AHRQ evidence and methods to researchers. The results of these latter initiatives will inform Eisenberg planning and implementation processes to enhance the effectiveness of dissemination initiatives.
    Effective start/end date9/1/109/23/11


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