ARRA: Paramyxovirus F Protein Mediated Membrane Fusion-Admin Summer Supplement

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Membrane fusion, a process critical for viral entry, is promoted by the paramyxovirus fusion (F) proteins. All F proteins contain a number of common features that play fundamental roles in fusion. However, significant variations exist between F proteins related to protein activation and promotion of membrane fusion, and many critical questions remain concerning the mechanism by which fusion is promoted by these important viral proteins. The long-term objective of our research is to understand the precise mechanism(s) of paramyxovirus F protein-promoted membrane fusion. Our overall hypothesis is that the function of domains critical for fusion promotion will be conserved in diverse F proteins, but that interactions in these domains will modulate triggering mechanisms. This requested administrative supplement for students and science educators requests funds to support two undergraduate students to work on our analysis (Specific Aim 3 of the our recently funded ROl) of the role of stabilizing interactions between HRA and a conserved region of F2. Our studies of PIV5 F indicate that this region can play a role in triggering, and we will further address the role of this region by defining key interactions in this domain in PIV5 F, assessing the stage of fusion which is affected, analyzing the effect of mutations in this region on viral entry, and analyzing the effect of mutations to this region in other F proteins. Accomplishing these goals will provide crucial information on the regions that control the molecular events involved in the F protein-promoted membrane fusion. Participating in this research will provide important training to the students in the process of research science, techniques involved in molecular virology, analysis of data, and oral and written presentations.
Effective start/end date6/5/099/30/10


  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: $192,491.00


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