ARRA: Supporting New Faculty Recruitment Through Biomedical Research Core Centers (P30)

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The strategic plan of the University of Kentucky (UK) P30 application in response to RFA-OD-09-005 is to provide support for the recruitment of 2 junior investigators who will be immersed into a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary group of investigators focused on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal (Cl) cancers. This productive group consists of basic and chnical scientists, including molecular and cell biologists, clinician-scientists (surgeons, gastroenterologists, medical oncologists), 01 pathologists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and investigators in the School of Pharmacy with successful programs in drug design and delivery. The purpose of this program is to support promising junior investigators who will participate in translational 01 cancer research projects as part of our recently-funded P20 program (P20 CAl 27004) which provides support for the development of a fully-funded P5001 cancer SPORE application. Our goal is to develop a cadre of future Cl cancer investigators who can participate at the intersection of molecular biology, drug discovery and clinical care to become leaders in integrative and team approaches to understand the complex issues of Cl cancer as it relates to potential prevention and treatment strategies. This proposal builds upon the momentum and existing strengths at the Markey Cancer Center and is further supported by substantial institutional, state and philanthropic support. ~
Effective start/end date9/30/098/31/13


  • National Cancer Institute: $1,439,136.00


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