ARRA: University of Kentucky Medical Center Information Technology Regional Extenion Center with HealthBridge

Grants and Contracts Details


Sub-Grantee Responsibilities. In an effort to attain maximum possible adoption of EHR technology while maintaining a consistent level of quality for IT support services, SubGrantee will be responsible for performing the following services for PPCP's within the geographic area defined in Northern Kentucky: 2.2.1 Education and Outreach. The Sub-Grantee will assist HEAL THBRIDGE in education outreach through the following means: • The dissemination of EHR materials developed by HEAL THBRIDGE to providers in its geographic region; • The establishment of general EHR/IT training sessions for PPCPs and their staff members to assist in EHR adoption. Training related to specific EHR software shall be the responsibility of the EHR vendor and shall be addressed in the EHR vendor/provider contract; • The conducting of individual provider visits when necessary to assure that adequate support is being given to the provider in provider's EHR assessment or implementation.
Effective start/end date2/8/104/7/16


  • HealthBridge: $1,206,531.00


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