ARRA: University of Kentucky Medical Center Information Technology Regional Extension Center

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The University of Kentucky Medical Center (UKMC) is a leading comprehensive academic health center with extensive experience and success in electronic health records implementation and adoption by clinicians. UKMC has developed a core team supporting attainment of meaningful use by priority care primary care providers through the UKMC Regional Extension Center (REC). This team combines UKMC's own expertise in health information technology, education, clinical care and dissemination of information, and strategic partnerships with other universities, health information exchanges (HIEs), quality improvement organizations (QIOs) and community stakeholders. The short-term goals of the UKMC REC are to: 1) assist 1200 providers with EHR adoption, HIE participation, and achievement of meaningful use in 2 years; 2) support 1800 providers with privacy and security resources; 3) evaluate the process and outcomes of EHR implementation in 10 priority primary care practices to identify best practices; and 4) partner with the statewide Kentucky Health Information Exchange to expand health information exchange. A comprehensive, coordinated array of services and strategies will address barriers and enhance supports for EHR adoption by priority primary care providers (PPCPs). Plans will be tailored to the needs of each practice by combining well-developed educational resources and systems, UK's state-of-the-art continuing education resources, experience in EHR adoption and implementation, and on-site PCPP consultation and coaching during the EHR adoption process. The UKMC REC strategic partners include the University of Louisville Health Sciences Center, HealthBridge (an HIE), Health Care Excel (a QIO), and the Area Health Education Centers. UKMC and these strategic partners have established relationships with physicians and the healthcare community throughout Kentucky-relationships which will enhance project implementation through rapid dissemination of information to professional associations, practicing PPCPs and clinicians, and regional universities. By collaborating with existing regional networks, UKMC REC facilitates rapid project start-up through established relationships with PPCPs. The UKMC REC service area includes a region characterized by high disease burden, high poverty rates, and physician shortages. The long-term vision of the UKMC REC is to improve the quality and value of healthcare for the people of Kentucky, and to serve as a model for other areas that face similar challenges.
Effective start/end date4/6/104/5/15


  • Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology: $7,419,318.00


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