ARS/SCA: Developing Sampling, Analysis, and Management Methodology for Cool Season Forages

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Objective: Our objective is to develop methodology for more accurate sampling, analysis and management of tall fescue and other cool season forages and to improve on-farm recommendations for horse, beef, and dairy farms in KY. Subobjectives: 1) Develop a standard sampling and handling methodology for accurate research and on-farm tall fescue ergot alkaloid analysis. This work will be a follow-up of research conducted Dr. Cindy Gaskill of the UK Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and will be conducted in close collaboration with VDL. 2) Monitor tall fescue percentage and infection rate over time on farms that are using herbicidal suppression and replanting, in comparison to farms not following this management practice. 3) Use the above standard sampling and handling methodology to provide material for inter-laboratory comparison study. 4) Provide on-farm validation for using sugar concentration as a factor in grazing management of horses and cattle on cool season forage species. This research will be closely coordinated with the proposed sugar concentration research by Dr. Laurie Lawrence and Dr. Isabelle Kagan.
Effective start/end date8/1/144/30/18


  • Agricultural Research Service


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