ART: Translating Research to Practice to Create Climate-Ready Communities Across Virginia

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ABSTRACT The University of Kentucky has been selected as the mentor institution for George Mason University''s Climate Resilience NSF ART marking a significant collaboration between the two esteemed universities. In this capacity, the UK will offer valuable mentorship to GMU, particularly in leveraging cooperative extension resources across the state. This collaboration will not only facilitate the dissemination of critical climate resilience information to local communities, but also enable the implementation of sustainable practices. Furthermore, the UK will provide mentorship to GMU in the realm of social innovation, helping to bolster the social aspects and impact of GMU''s climate resilience initiatives. Through this partnership, the University of Kentucky is poised to make a meaningful impact on climate resilience efforts, while George Mason University stands to benefit from UK''s wealth of knowledge and experience in these crucial areas.
Effective start/end date2/1/241/31/28


  • George Mason University: $147,077.00


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