Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System - 3rd Edition Field Test Proposal

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The proposed project addresses three aims highlighted in the RFA; content validity, inter-rater reliability, and test–retest reliability. For each research aim, associated research questions are provided, as well as the methods/participants, and analyses procedures. Aim 1: Conduct content validity reviews of the areas of the AEPS 3rd edition test: Research Questions: 1: Are items within each area of the AEPS test relevant to the skill or construct being measured by the specific area of the AEPS test? 2: Are there items/criteria that lack clarity? 3: Are AEPS items functional or teachable? 4: Are items within each area of the AEPS test representative of the breadth of the content area? 5: Do providers of the AEPS consistently and easily understand items, criteria, and scoring as intended?
Effective start/end date3/15/14 → 6/30/24


  • Early Intervention Management and Research Group: $178,467.00


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