Assessment for Learning, Final Phase

  • Morgan, Gretchen (PI)
  • Pittenger, Linda (Former PI)
  • Wilhoit, Harold (Former CoI)

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C!E believes that public education is the cornerstone of a meaningful democracy. Therefore, we work for a time when every young person is leaving the public education system ready and eager for continuing learning, engaging in a rewarding and satisfying career, and becoming a productive member of society. We believe that the public good is served by raising the bar of expectations and opening new opportunities for individual learners, for professional educators, and for the education system itself. Therefore, we take a systems view and set expectations for serious long-term commitment to continuous improvement and transformation, rather than episodic reform. Our work is foregrounded with equity as the central goal and enduring focus. With the proposed $1.5M investment to complete the Assessment for Learning Project, C!E will continue its work to help entire systems rethink the role of assessment for learning through 1) deeper and more intensive work with the implementation site grantees on pathways to becoming Proof Points, 2) advancing the emerging field of assessment for learning, and 3) supporting systems leaders to design and build enabling assessment and accountability structures to sustain and spread the work over time. Bringing these three areas of focus together as the initiative approaches its conclusion and direct support to the field phases out is critical, so that as local ownership and capacity are rising those systems have embraced assessment for learning as essential to equity and excellence. All of this effort contributes to three primary outcomes captured in the Results Tracker: 1. At least 4 - 6 demonstration sites (including at least 1 - 2 states) will be implementing comprehensive, balanced and coherent systems of assessment that incorporate models on on-going formative assessment and broader measures of college and career readiness through intra- and inter-personal competencies and reflect key enabling components 2. ALP will galvanize the broader field around the change to fundamentally #rethink assessment 3. There will be plans, strategies and partnerships in place to sustain and build on the outcomes long-term. With resources provided through this investment, we will: 1) Continue Network Implementation and Grantee Supports 2) Convene Grantees and the Expanding Learning Community to Share, Work, and Learn 3) Learning and Evaluation 4) Dissemination of Tools and Resources
Effective start/end date10/19/183/12/21


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