Assessment of Available Literature and Gap Analysis on the Use of Industrial Hemp as a Livestock Feed

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Production and processing of industrial hemp results in a variety of co- and by-products, many of which have potential for use as alternative feed ingredients in livestock rations (1). Under the current guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), industrial hemp and associated commodities are prohibited from inclusion in the diets of animals destined for the human food chain, primarily due to concerns of possible phytocannabinoid (e.g., THC) transference into animal tissues (2). To obtain federal approval for consumption of hemp commodities by livestock, both an evaluation of currently available research and an identification of criteria for new research is required to meet FDA expectations. This process can then be used to provide recommendations to industry stakeholders regarding best research investments to efficiently progress through the approval process. Therefore, the objectives of this project are 1) To conduct a comprehensive review of the available information pertaining to the use of industrial hemp co- and by-products in livestock feed for evaluation of previously conducted studies and identification of future research opportunities, and 2) To assess the data collected in object 1 for the most relevant knowledge gaps and 3) use the results of this assessment to formulate recommendations for the areas of research that will expedite the federal approval process for inclusion of industrial hemp in livestock rations.
Effective start/end date11/1/2210/31/23


  • Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research: $13,944.00


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