Assessment of Return On Investment Methods and Tools and Their Utility for Public Health Administrators

  • Mays, Glen (PI)

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The following Tasks and Deliverables will be developed/overseen by Glen P. Mays, M.P.H., Ph.D. F. Douglas Scutchfield Endowed Professor in Health Services and Systems Research, University of Kentucky College of Public Health. TASKS: 1. Think through existing return on investment (ROI) methods and tools in public health and related fields and conduct an initial assessment of their utility for public health administrators; specifically, for NPHII Public Improvement Managers (PIMs). 2. Help create a webinar aimed at providing: (a) an overview of: i. the major components of ROI methods and models ii. steps to developing and using these models iii. their application in the public health field (b) a semi-structured discussion of i. where states are at with the use of ROI ii. where they would like to go iii. tools and assistance that would be useful (both short- and long-term) 3. Lead the first section of the webinar and act as a resource for the second 4. Based on the webinar, lead the development of an ROI tool that could be readily used and applied by PIMs 5. Lead a second webinar introducing the tool and answering states¡¦ questions DELIVERABLES ¡V DUE DATES: „h Links to existing ROI tools ¡V January 13, 2011 „h Communicate initial assessment (through email/ memo and verbal communication) ¡V January 30, 2011 „h Webinar content (slides) ¡V February 17, 2011 „h Detailed outline of tool ¡V May 18, 2011 „h Finalized ROI tool content for ASTHO to edit and format ¡V June 15, 2011
Effective start/end date11/7/119/30/12


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