Attaining Sustainability of Agriculture and Economic Development Systems

  • Deaton, Paul (PI)

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    The main goal of the UKJKSU professional Development Program for Sustainable Agriculture is to institutionalize the principles of sustainable agriculture into all research and Extension programs. The main vehicle for doing this is a series of county, area and state Agriculture Advancement Councils (includingKSU as the 15th area) whose formal origin\vas AgPlan-95 \vhich produced Kentucky's first plan in Sustainable Agriculture. The twin focus of the programs are: 1) to help create interdisciplinary research and training relative to Kentucky's major agriculture products, and 2) to help promote profitable farming systems that interact favorably wirh their communities and the environmen t. Number 1 is achien~d by a process of gathering problems and suggesting actions by the series of Ag Council meetings. These plans are considered by the academic departments on the two land grant campuses as well as specialists and agents in the field. Furthermore, other agencies such as the State Department of Agriculture Division of Conservation and 1\atural Resources Conservation Service have input and are asked for responses in appropriate areas. The plan is implemented by three main tactics. Tactic 1: Tactic 2: Tactic 3: Maintain dynamic Ag Advancement Councils. Support interdisciplinary training where no other support exists Condu,:t monthly seminar/training on farming systems on KSU model farm with agency and producer participation Evaluation will be by use of focus groups and gathering accomplistJ..L'Tlents by individual departments and other agencies
    Effective start/end date6/15/029/14/04


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