Attenuated Live and Recombinant Yersinia pestis Vaccines

  • Perry, Robert (PI)
  • Fetherston, Jacqueline (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The work plan at the University of Kentucky will include construction of a F1 capsule negative mutant of Yersinia pestis and construction of H6-tag expression vectors for 2-4 Y.pestis antigens. In addition, Dr. Perry's laboratory will assist with the construction of other Y.pestis mutations as needed by Dr. Curtiss' researchers. Dr. Perry's laboratory will also perform mouse vaccination and challenge studies to test both Salmonella and Yersinis vaccine strains. Potential live Y.pestis vaccine strains will be tested for their degree of attenuated in mice. Oral and intranasal deliver of vaccine strains will be tested. Subcutaneous and aerosol challenges of vaccination mice with be performed.
Effective start/end date1/1/0412/31/09


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