Augmented Renal Clearance In Neurocritical Care Population: A Prospective Multicenter Study (NEURO-ARC)

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Scope of work: 1. A total of 256 participants will be recruited over 5 years period from the University of Kentucky Hospital. Accordingly, the plan is to recruit ~52 participants for this year. 2. Participants’ creatinine clearance will be measured using the 8-h urine collection method for 10 days or until discharge from the intensive care unit (ICU), whichever comes first. 3. Should a patient be started on one of the tested medications (Levetiracetam, Lacosamide, Vancomycin, Meropenem or piperacillin-tazobactam, Cefepime), four blood samples will be collected around a single dose of the medication to determine its plasma concentration. Plasma samples will be shipped to the University of Alberta for assay (according to a separate Biological Material Transfer Agreement). 4. Collection of de-identified data from participants (according to a separate Data Share Agreement. The data will include patient demographics, medical and medication history, pertinent vital signs & laboratory values, procedures, hospital length of stay, mortality.
Effective start/end date11/16/21 → 9/30/26


  • University of Alberta: $45,000.00


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