Autism Transitioning into Workplace Training

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Autism Workplace Training Contract With the imminent implementation of WIOA comes an increased need for training for employers on the recruitment and management of new employees on the autism spectrum. Business Service Teams (BSTs) throughout the state will benefit from technical assistance as well as in person and online training. With a focus on youth transitioning into the workplace, the Human Development Institute will work with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Office of Autism, and the KY Advisory Council on Autism in partnership with the Kentucky Skills Network and Business Service Team Leads to: • Increase, throughout the state, the number of autistic employees in competitive jobs by empowering BSTs to offer assistance and training to employers (train the trainer model.) • Facilitate the transition to competitive employment from secondary or postsecondary education for youth on the autism spectrum by connecting existing resources (ex: CBWTP to BSTs) and through trainings specific to the needs of transitioning youth. Currently, KY Post-School Outcome data indicate that only 13.1 % of youth with autism were competitively employed within one year of completing high school. We expect to increase this percentage to at least 30% over the next five years. • To empower BSTs to best meet the needs of employers and their employees on the autism spectrum.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/24


  • KY Department of Vocational Rehabilitation: $298,305.00


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